Video Tapes To DVD

    • Betamax, VHS, VHS-C, 8mm, Digital 8mm, Hi 8 mm and Mini DV tapes

      to DVD/VHS.
    • PAL to/from NTSC system.
    • All DVDs are recorded in 2 hour mode to ensure the highest quality.

      If your source runs longer, there will be an additional charge of

      $5.00 per additional hour.
    • The DVD will have a chapter marker every 5 minutes, use your

      DVD player remote control and press skip or next to advance

      5 minutes at the time.
    • We can transfer to AVI, Quick Time or MPEG4.
    • The DVD will have exactly the same video and audio as the master.
    • One video source per DVD.
    • Quantity discount available.
    • Jeweled case included.